I am Gabriele, 33 years old architect, illustrator and 3D artist from Sardinia (Italy). I draw since I was a little child. I draw everything, but mostly architectures and urban environments. I have been very curious since always about building methods from the past, and in this way the abundance of old and abandoned buildings in my country gave me the opportunity to understand how ancient architectures were raised up and inhabited.

In my work as illustrator and 3D artist, I try to combine my love for ancient building techniques with a keen interest for ancient fashions and stylistic patterns throughout history.  As architect, my constant wanderings into antiquity led me figure out that the mere functionality is arid and sterile, if not supported by attention to the geographical and historical context.

Indeed, often I dream of a future architectonic revolution, where the lessons of Le Corbusier and Adolf Loos do not fight against the lessons of Leon Battista Alberti or Andrea Palladio. In fact, as Loos thougt us one century ago, the real ugliness is due to the intellectual dishonesty of constructing materially and technologically hibrid buildings, decontextualized from their cultural environment.

Therefore I loudly say YES to architectures with soul, and to a conscentious return to decorativism.

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